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Certified Cerakote Applicator

CGC Cerakote is a leading provider of high-quality, Cerakote ceramic coatings for firearms, archery, marine, automotive parts, and other products. Our customer-driven approach has allowed us to offer quality Cerakote ceramic coatings that provide exceptional durability, wear resistance, and corrosion protection.


We are happy to announce that we have launched our new online store! You can order merch and accessories now through our site. Check out the link below to see all of our products.  We will not be accepting orders for firearm customizations on this site.  If you are looking to customize your firearm please visit any one of our dropoff locations or you can call or email us at


At CGC Cerakote, a Certified Cerakote Applicator, we specialize in custom dynamic Cerakote applications. Our skilled and experienced team offers quality Cerakote ceramic coatings to protect a variety of firearms, archery, marine, and automotive parts.  Our custom gun options include semi-automatic rifles, bolt-action rifles, shotguns, handguns, and accessories. Complete and partial Cerakote packages are available in addition to Cerakoting individual firearm parts. Choose from a wide variety of Cerakote and Gun Candy colors and finishes. Call us for a quote on custom designs for your handgun, shotgun, or rifle. Our dedicated team of expert craftspeople works diligently to turn out designs for our customers each and every time.

Cerakote is a ceramic-based finish that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers, and wood. Cerakote ceramic coatings protect against a number of physical performance issues including abrasion, corrosion, and chemical damage, all the while adding strength, resistance, and hardness to the product’s surface.



We offer compete, partial, and custom design packages for AR customization.


Customize your slide, frame or entire pistol in either a partial, complete, or custom design.


Offering bolt-action complete, partial, or custom packages, as well as custom barrel, action, stock customization options.


We can customize everything from a Barreled Action, Mag Tube, Butt Stock, Fore Grip, to a completely custom design.

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The videos that we have on our website are not just for show, they are informative as well. We want to educate our customers about what we do and how we do it so that they can get a better understanding of what we do.